Mass Storage

StarTux Admin posted Jul 13, 16

Mass Storage

Mass Storage is your personal virtual chest system for the main survival server. Use the /ms command to get started. Every player starts with one chest worth of storage space. More can be purchased at any time for 500 Kitty Coins per chest.

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Our New World

StarTux Admin posted Jul 3, 16

Our New World

We have announced it before, and now that you all have had time to say farewell to the world of Winthier, it is time to move ahead. We are finally taking the step to leave the old behind and start fresh in a brand new world. The date is tomorrow. Expect most servers and services to be unavailable occasionally while the technical part of this move is being worked on. The main server will shut down earlier in the morning one last time before it will be reborn. Most other servers, such as Creative, Winnilla, or Minigames are intended to stay up during the time, but may be taken down temporarily. Then at 20:00 Server time, that is 2pm EST, you will be able to join and play on the new and amazing Winthier server.

July 4 2016
20:00 Server time, 2pm EST
New Winthier World

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Pushing Onward - Winthier History

StarTux Admin posted Jun 26, 16

Winthier was founded in the January of 2012 by hkenneth. LanceDH and I were admins from the start (technically, I joined a few weeks after the fact). Some of you may remember the survival world we had back in the day. It is still accessible for viewing on the Museum server. In spirit, that server wasn't much different from the one that we play on today. There was McMMO instead of Skills, and we had a player run market and auctions.

The Classic Spawn

Almost exactly one year later, Winthier experienced the first world reset. A whole new server was set up with a brand new, heavily customized world, now knows as the Extreme world. It featured exciting and unique landscapes nowehere else to be found. Along came a whole new set of feature plugins, including economy and dragon travel. In the meantime, the old worlds were moved to the legacy server, now known as the Museum. As you would expect, everything got wiped, from inventories over skill levels to credits.

It wasn't until March of the same year that hkenneth decided to move on to other things and I agreed to continue running the Winthier servers and its community. My first order of business was to maintain consistency, improve or fix the features we were already used to, instead of making big changes and potentially turning players away. After all, I had yet to prove to you guys that I could run the server the way we had all grown accustomed to in a satisfactory way. There would not be huge paradigm shifts, removals of beloved plugins or resets of lived in worlds for a very long time.

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New Chat and PokeMob

StarTux Admin posted Jun 18, 16


This feature had to go on hiatus back in March when 1.9 was released which made it difficult to use spawn eggs. But now after some hard work, we are proud to announce that the plugin is finally back, so you can once again catch and release your favorite pets or vicious monsters. Based on our testing, the new polar bear can already be caught.

Chat Settings

This plugin will look and feel like what you are used to, but right off the bat, there are some convenient new features. This plugin is cross server at its core, so the channels you join or leave and the settings you change will go with you as you switch between main and creative, for example. All commands and tab completions work across all servers, including party chat.

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