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Valentine's Day

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Feb 12, 15

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and of course we would like to celebrate. What better way is there than to share something sweet. Starting today, we will have this year's Valentine's Day event on Winthier. Gather points by sharing cake with as many different players or animals as possible. The most successful sharers will get a prize, see below. If you win the title, you can turn it on or off any time with the /title command.

  1. The in-game title Cupid and 6 months of Win+
  2. The in-game title Cupid and 3 months of Win+
  3. The in-game title Cupid and 1 month of Win+

How does it work? Bake a cake and use it on another player or animal to share it with them. You can only share cake once per player or animal type. Every time you share your cake with someone that way, you get one point. You can look up your score by typing /valentine in game, or look at the highscore list.

I hope we will see you all on Winthier to participate in the sharing. Have fun and enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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Player name changes

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Feb 5, 15

We are experiencing some minor issues with name changes. Please bear with us while we address them. If you were planning on changing your name via Mojang, please consider holding off a little bit. If you changed your name and can't access some of your possessions, don't worry; they are still there. Just make a ticket letting us know and we can restore what you are missing.

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Happy New Year

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Jan 3, 15
With the new year, the Christmas event is over. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this hunt for the stolen goods. Thanks to you, all the presents have been returned, including the Christmas tree. The Creeper Overlord, however, managed to escape and his whereabouts remain unknown. We will keep you updated.

The contest winners are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners. You will receive your prizes shortly after this announcement. A complete list with a ranking of all the achievements can be seen on the relevant highscores page.

Most presents

The winners of this category are decided by how many presents they collected on any run. It doesn't matter whether or not the run was completed. Three of you managed to complete the adventure map with a stunningly high score which not even the map makers could reproduce. Respect to all of you.

  1. (144) Jewnier - 6 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  2. (142) CaptainSully - 3 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  3. (141) MenoMano - 1 month of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"


The race for the fastest map completion turned out to be a battle which was determined by finding even the tiniest optimization, and accomplishing one perfect run. Not an easy task. We were surprised to see so many people ending with the same score, which is due to an unexpectedly wide participation, which was delightful. Keep in mind that when two people manage the exact same time, the victor is decided by who finished first. Since the two winners made their record runs almost a week before anyone else managed to catch up, we have very clear winners.

  1. (01:09) Jewnier - 2 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  2. (01:09) AnusWorm - 1 month of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"


The promise of a special reward for uploading a video, along with the buffing of the regular prize, made many of you explore a hidden talent: video production. Runs on our server were recorded, edited and augmented with music and titles at a higher frequency than ever before, and the results were very impressive as well as entertaining.
To reward the additional effort of turning your adventure map progress into a video and uploading it, we reward everyone who posted their video on our forum with the prize for this category.

Here is a list of the winners of: 1 month of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"

To activate your title, type /title SantasHelper. To view a list of your available titles, type /title.