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Winthier Saves Christmas

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Thu at 21:37
We need your help, fellow Winthierians! The Creeper Overlord has stolen all the presents from the Winthier Christmas tree, including the tree itself. His plan is to ruin Christmas for everyone. Only you can stop him. Talk to the Christmas Bunny at spawn to get filled in on the details.

Christmas Bunny

This Christmas event will take you to a special adventure map where you receive further instructions. Your goal is to follow the trail of stolen Christmas presents to find out where the Creeper Overlord brought the Christmas tree. On your way you will face his dangerous minions and pick up the presents he lost while he fled with the tree. Make it to the end with as many presents as possible, and Christmas will be saved.

Christmas Tree

This event starts now and will end on January 1st, 2015, 00:00, server time. You can play as often as you want as long as the event is going. Every time you make it to the end, you will be rewarded with a special Christmas present item on the Winthier server, as well as 10 credits per present you found on your adventure.

In addition, you can keep track of your progress on the Christmas highscore page. Once the event is over, we will reward the highest ranked people with special rewards.

Most presents collected in one run, finished or not; only one prize per person.
  1. 6 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  2. 3 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  3. 1 month of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"

Speed runs, the shortest time to make it to the end; only one prize per person.
  1. 2 months of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"
  2. 1 month of Win+, In-game title "Santa's Helper"

Everyone who makes a video of their successful run and uploads it to Youtube, according to our guidelines in the Winthier videos thread, is eligible to the following.
  • 1 month of Win+
  • In-game title "Santa's Helper"

For more information on the Win+ rank, consult the wiki page. The title "Santa's Helper" is optional and can be toggled with the "/title" command.

Suddenly... 1.8

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Dec 3, 14
We just updated the main server to Minecraft version 1.8, and with it the hub and creative. With this update come a few changes, some good, some bad. I will try to list them here.


The Bad

  • Mojang removed some items from the game. The most important ones are seamless logs, seamless double slabs, fire and water. I will try to compile a complete list in time. Our custom recipes for these had to be removed. Should you have had any of these items in any inventory or container somewhere, they will be gone. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about it. We are very sorry. If you lost any totems because of this, we are working on refunding the purchase cost; see below.
  • The skills system had to be put on hiatus. It will come back once we have updated it and made it fit for the gameplay changes in 1.8.
  • Some item frames and paintings might pop off the wall where they didn't before. Make sure to check your homes for missing wall decorations as you may have a chance to pick up the items in time.
  • The tab list no longer shows players from other servers. We are looking into whether this is fixable or not.
  • Mobs don't show their health when damaged. We will bring this feature back in time.

The Good

  • All new 1.8 features, including armor stands, banners and rabbits. Need I say more?
  • The new stone types (granite, andesite and diorite, amirite?) have been added to the parallel world (from 1.7). Should you explore this world, you will find all the new stone types under ground, by chance even in already existing mines!
  • The resource area was replaced with a whole resource world. You can explore this world 1000 blocks in each direction and harvest anything you can find. This world will be reset periodically, so don't worry about preserving the landscape too much. Building in there is not recommended as anything you make in this world can and will be destroyed eventually. You can access the resource world as usual via /resource or a portal at spawn.
  • If you lost fire or water totems because they are removed items, we are working on refunding you for the purchase cost. Please bear with us while we are looking for the receipts. Keep in mind that all totems are momentarily not working because the skills system is disabled (see above), but they will once we bring it back.

This was a fairly challenging update to perform as 1.8 is so different from the previous version, and of course there was an extraordinarily long wait this time around. Please report any issue you come across. Thank you all for bearing with us patiently while we were not able to upgrade for so long.

Winnilla 1.8 Reboot

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Nov 4, 14
Minecraft 1.8 has been out for a while, and like many servers out there, the long wait for a feature-complete version of 1.8 with plugin support has kept us from updating. After doing a lot of research and preparation, we are happy to announce that we are ready to update our Winnilla server to Minecraft 1.8.



Winnilla offers a vanilla Minecraft experience with additional protection against griefers and cheaters. It is that last part which is particularly important to us, as we don't see it realistically possible to run Minecraft unprotected without having the fun ruined by griefers and cheaters. To make any of this possible, we were finally able to amend a 1.8 server with all the protection we consider necessary and take for granted to enjoy a decent Minecraft environment.


Since Minecraft 1.8 brings many new features we would have to miss out on in an old world, this step will reset the Winnilla server. As usual, the current world will be moved to our classic server, where it will remain accessible. Everyone on the new Winnilla server will start out with an empty inventory in a brand new, randomly generated world. Thanks to the additional protection, as opposed to the temporary server which we have been running (on, this world is here to stay.

Back to the roots

You have given us a lot of useful, constructive feedback since we launched the latest iteration of the Winnilla server concept, and we listened. With this step, half by necessity and half by design, we bring you a vanilla experience purer than ever seen before on Winthier. Gone are the skills and the market. All we change about the game are claims with which you can protect your land, and some logging for us to see who is a griefer and needs to be banned. As usual, you can enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience in the absence of convenient features such as homes, teleports or custom recipes.

When? Where? Wat?

  • We will reset Winnilla this Friday, November 7 at 10pm server time, which is 4pm EST or 1pm PST.
  • Due to the version difference, Winnilla will be disconnected from the Hub until all the other servers can update, and be accessible as usual with the port
  • Once again, this will be a permanent server and is not to be confused with the temporary 1.8 server.

We look forward to the opportunities this new server will bring with it, and look forward to seeing you all at the launch!