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Winthier Community Build Event

dms06dotte ModWin+ posted Fri at 21:42

Community Build #4 Today at 22:00 Server Time!

Recently a small group of us decided to spontaneously build a home in a random area of Winthier for people to use during their travels. We invited everybody online who was interested in building with us to join in.  We are now starting our 4th build and we invite you to join us!  Don't worry about joining a little late, these events are very dynamic!

If you are unable to join us, feel free to view the live stream on - mumble chat will be included in the stream! 

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1.9 Snapshot Server on

StarTux AdminWin+
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Wed at 17:53

Winnilla 1.9 Snapshot

Effective immediately, a snapshot server is running in Winnilla's place. You can connect to it using Winnilla's standard address, using the 15w31a snapshot client. This is a newly generated world, and we set up a little booth at spawn that will give you a starter kit, and teleport you into the wilderness.

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New Celestial member: BobbyBBrown

StarTux AdminWin+
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Jul 22, 15

A look at BobbyBBrown's Celestial project

We are proud to announce that another regular player was just promoted to the rare and desired Celestial rank: BobbyBBrown. Bobby made a humongous build which remained, for the most part, a secret. It did not escape the notice of our secret Celestial Tribunal, which promptly held a vote and decided that he should be our next Celestial member for his huge project.

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Quest Completed!

feydk AdminWin+ posted Jul 12, 15

We are happy to announce the launch of Quests! Quests are a series of tasks which you can complete every day to earn money and other rewards.

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