Valentine - Romantic Vistas

StarTux Admin posted Feb 14, 17

Romantic Vistas

Happy Valentime, everybody! This year, we have a special event prepared for you, with a very rare title to win. Romantic vistas will spawn in the Resource world. Get there with the /Resource command. Follow your compass to locate the vista. The first person to punch a vista will earn the Cupid title. Beyond that, you may also harvest the site for its blocks, and each vista comes with a few treasure chests waiting to be looted! 5 minutes after its discovery, a vista will go poof, and a new one will spawn in a new location. This event will go on all day, so you have plenty of opportunity to be the first and get this desired title. Happy hunting!

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Queen of Heart's Castle

StarTux Admin posted Feb 11, 17

Queen of Heart's Castle

The next Build Event is Valentine themed: Queen of Heart's Castle! Join us today on the Creative server to try and win the Reddit Build Challenge once again.

Reddit Thread

No preexisting builds We're going with the honour system here but if anything had already been built before the start of the contest, don't submit it.

Easy mode Just needs to be a castle. Only thing it must have is a guillotine for beheading people.

Hard mode Everything in easy mode plus a hedge maze and there must be an interior.

Space Station - Build Event

StarTux Admin posted Jan 28, 17

Space Station

Our zoo won last week, so congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. This time, they want us to build a space station, which is a bit tricky for this format. I suggest that everybody may build modules and we try to connect them all by some fashion. Free floating parts and random spaceships would also be fitting, as well as planets, planetoids, minor planets, nebulas, stars, etc, for a backdrop. So let's get this going, at the usual event time. We hope to see you all on the server.

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For years community members have requested some form of skyblock modpack and today is their day. SkyFactory 3 is a new first-party official FTB modpack in which players will be placed on an island consisting of 1 dirt block and 1 oak tree floating in the void. Progression is guided by an achievement book but is not required.

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