Winfinity Evolved

RypoFalem Admin posted May 14, 16

FTB Infinity Evolved is a "kitchen sink" pack of some of the most popular community made mods. Infinity radically changes gameplay, allowing you to find new magical items, create complex series of machines, explore new dimensions, battle against new bosses, craft new decorative blocks, create your own custom dimensions, load parts of the world even while you are offline, store millions of items on a single disk drive, program robots to mine for you and much much much more.

  • Launcher: FTB
  • Modpack: Infinity Evolved
  • Version: 2.5.0
  • IP:
  • Open to ranks Revered and up

In order to install:

  • Download and install the FTB client.
  • Launch the client and create a profile with your minecraft email and password (profile box at the bottom)
  • Click on the "Options" tab and adjust your "Maximum RAM". It should be no lower than 2GB and no more than 4GB.
  • Click on "Modpacks" tab and select "Infinity Evolved"
  • Make sure the version dropdown box is set to "2.5.0" 
  • Click "Launch" at the bottom.
  • Connect to "", just like you would in normal minecraft.
Dupp Trusted This is the most fun I've had in months in minecraft! Love the server. Hope to see you all on sooner or later

Winthier Ice Boat Race

RypoFalem Admin posted Apr 8, 16

Join us at the Frozen pond this Saturday (today for some of you!) in a race to the finish for this week's event. Boats on ice move very fast and are difficult to control so prepare yourself for a hectic time. Winners will be able to pick a head from our prepared theme-appropriate selection and may even get to wear a fancy title!

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King of the End

StarTux Admin posted Mar 30, 16

King of the End

This Saturday, we all go to the End together and face waves of deadly monsters! You guys bring your own equipment, so make sure to gear up on good armor and sharpen your weapons. Tools break as usual, but upon death, you won't lose anything, including your Exp. We will turn on keep-inventory and keep-exp just in the End world which will be especially set up for this event. The warp to use will be announced in time.

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Easter Egg Hunt

StarTux Admin posted Mar 23, 16

Easter Egg Hunt

Help bring Easter to Winthier! The Easter Bunny is at spawn, waiting for you to bring him the Easter Eggs hidden around spawn. For each day of the next week, three eggs will be hidden on the server, and everyone can go pick them up. You can deliver them to the Easter Shop at spawn and exchange them for amazing prizes.

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