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Name Changes and You

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Mar 20, 15

Name Changes

It has been more than a month since changing your in game name became possible via Mojang. Said name changes caused some issues with some of our player data which relied on persistent usernames, and we have been hard at work to fix all of these problems, one by one. Property loss needed to be dealt with as it happened, and the underlying problem tackled so it wouldn't happen in the future. Several of our oldest plugins needed to be updated or even rewritten from scratch. Our efforts succeeded and for a couple of weeks it has been safe to change your name without losing any data, so now it is time to discuss the changes in this post.

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Valentine's Day

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Feb 12, 15

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and of course we would like to celebrate. What better way is there than to share something sweet. Starting today, we will have this year's Valentine's Day event on Winthier. Gather points by sharing cake with as many different players or animals as possible. The most successful sharers will get a prize, see below. If you win the title, you can turn it on or off any time with the /title command.

  1. The in-game title Cupid and 6 months of Win+
  2. The in-game title Cupid and 3 months of Win+
  3. The in-game title Cupid and 1 month of Win+

How does it work? Bake a cake and use it on another player or animal to share it with them. You can only share cake once per player or animal type. Every time you share your cake with someone that way, you get one point. You can look up your score by typing /valentine in game, or look at the highscore list.

I hope we will see you all on Winthier to participate in the sharing. Have fun and enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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Player name changes

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Feb 5, 15

We are experiencing some minor issues with name changes. Please bear with us while we address them. If you were planning on changing your name via Mojang, please consider holding off a little bit. If you changed your name and can't access some of your possessions, don't worry; they are still there. Just make a ticket letting us know and we can restore what you are missing.

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