Nuts and Bolts

Another election, another modpack! Nuts and Bolts: Torqued is a "Progression oriented with the goal of utilizing all mods in the pack". In addition to many of the older mods you know and love, the pack brings mods never before featured in a Winthier modpack such as Astral Sorcery, Mekanism, Ars Magicka 2, and Advanced Rocketry.

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Silk Touch Mob Spawners

StarTux Admin posted Aug 8, 17

Silk Touch Mob Spawners

You can now pick up mob spawners with silk touch. Place them and they will start spawning mobs. Spawners picked up this way have a level. All spawners start with level 0. At the lower levels, they are weaker than naturally found spawners, spawning fewer mobs with less loot. Combine two spawners of the same mob type and level in an anvil to create a copy with a higher level. The higher levels will be even stronger than vanilla spawners, yielding more loot.

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Big Fish

StarTux Admin posted Jul 19, 17

Big Fish

As a feature refined in the wake of the event from the previous week, we present to you Big Fish. Fishing in Minecraft can be fun and there is a related skill to give you skill points and money, but overall, it is not particularly interesting. We are starting to change that, with our own fishing game. You can gain extra rewards and skill points by fishing Big Fish!

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Magic Cape and Angel Block

StarTux Admin posted Jun 25, 17

Magic Cape

This Angelic Feature Sunday, the Salesman at spawn has got two cool new items for you! At least one of them is a bit more expensive than usual, costing a brand new Elytra, but it's worth it!

The Magic Cape works like Elytra, but instead of soaring through the sky you can fly like in creative mode. Tap the JUMP key while in midair to engage flight mode. You can move in all directions, up and down, as you please. Usage will drain the cape's health bar until it drops to zero and stops working. It recharges while you are on the ground. You can enhance its durability via enchantments! This item is particularly useful for getting around whilst building.

The Angel Block is a glass block that can be placed in midair. It does not need to be placed against another block and will stay put in the direction you are facing. Get your Magic Cape, fly up in the sky and place this block to start any airborn or skyward structure you can imagine!