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Follow that Egg!

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Sun at 17:20

Follow that Egg!

Springtime is once again upon us, and with it comes Easter! This year on Winthier, it seems that a friendly pair of visitors have settled at spawn. One would think that a Shepherd and his lamb would be very happy around Easter, but unfortunately, some nasty spiders have snatched away the poor sheep’s Easter Baskets. It’s up to you to help get them back!

Speak to the sheep at spawn, and he’ll give you some very special eggs which can be used to find the missing baskets which are hidden around spawn. Toss one into the air, and it may offer a hint of which direction to go. When you’ve found a basket, you can give it to the Shepherd at spawn, who will reward you for helping his Lamb. The more baskets you turn in, the better your reward will be!

Total Baskets

Each player can find twelve baskets per day, and the player who has found the most baskets by midnight Server Time on Easter Sunday will be given Win+ and the title "EggHunter” for one month!

We hope everyone enjoys this hunt, and has a wonderful holiday. Happy Easter!

jjlookout HA HA i managed to get it... it was in the arena itself not the parkor bit the actual arena
jjlookout The best thing happen to me.... the BEST... yeah my egg lead me to the Mob arena... well more specifically it wanted me ...
ElectricSparx Win+ So wait, Easter Sunday is next week?

FTB Monster - Out Now!

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Mar 14, 14

FTB Monster

Update: The Winthier FTB Monster is now up and running. To find out how to select the right mod pack and enable the required mods, check out our wiki: Mod Pack, Enabling Mods.

We need to give you guys a little backstory. Our research has revealed that the current mod pack of WinFTB, Unleashed, has been officially abandoned by the FTB team. See this tweet.

This implies that with Unleashed, we will be stuck with using the exact same mod pack and server version. No mod additions, no Minecraft version updates, no bugfixes, no new features at all. This is sad news for many people who enjoy playing on our FTB server every day, especially the plethora of newcomers we have had the pleasure to welcome on WinFTB lately. This leaves us with no choice but to look for a replacement for Unleashed so we can continue to supply you with updates and bugfixes.

Here come the good news. The FTB Monster mod pack is there to replace Unleashed. It is brand new, has just come out of beta last week and we immediately went ahead to create a fresh new world with a whole new spawn for you guys. The mod pack itself is updated for the latest version of FTB, based on Minecraft 1.6.4. It has almost twice as many mods as Unleashed had and more than three times as many items in the game.
Starting next Monday, March 17, 00:00 server time (Sunday, 7pm EST), we will switch from Unleashed to Monster. Everyone on FTB will start out in an all new world and have a plethora of new mods, blocks, items and gear at their disposal. You can already find Monster 1.1.0 in your FTB launcher. Instructions on how to set it up properly to connect with Winthier Monster will be provided in time on our forum and the Winthier wiki.

Minecraft Version1.
NEI ItemsAlmost 10,000More than 30,000

To play on our FTB server, you need to have Win+ or the FTB pass from our shop.

StarTux AdminWin+ It's up. ...
edvardxx Win+ That mod pack is making me lag so much D:

Happy Heart Day

Sirabell AdminWin+ posted Feb 14, 14  -  HeartLoveMarriageValentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

This is the time of year when we gather together to show appreciation and love to everyone on the server! This year, we have a few special surprises in store for you guys.

Just East of spawn is an exciting Amusement Park with several rides and features for you to enjoy! Enjoy a ride on the Carousel, or measure your love between yourself and another player with the Love-O-Meter. There's also a Roller Coaster with many twists and turns, a Tunnel of Love to explore, and much more! Come check it out!

As a special souvenir to celebrate this day, we've given everyone temporary access to /nyan. But that's not all! /nyan has also been redesigned for Heart Day to leave a trail of flamboyant hearts behind as you run!

Lastly, we'd like to remind you about marriage on Winthier. If you and a partner wish to do so, you are able to get married by asking any Staff member to join you together. When you are married, you can feed your partner by eating while close to them, and display hearts above both your heads with /love. We've also introduced a new feature that some of you may have already noticed! If you right click your partner with an empty hand, you can lift them onto your shoulders and carry them around with you! If they would like to get down, they can either press Shift to disembark or you can right click them again to set them down.

We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones, and have a fun time on Winthier!

hkenneth AdminWin+ "you can feed your partner by eating yourself" I'm so scared right now ...
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