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Minecraft 1.8 - Don't update just yet

StarTux AdminWin+
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Sep 2, 14


Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update was just released. While we will try our hardest to update as soon as possible, we will have to ask you to stick with version 1.7 for the time being. If you don't know how, here are useful instructions.

For all of you who can't wait, we have a temporary 1.8 vanilla server running on Feel free to join and try out all the new features, such as bunnies, flags and water temples.

Winthier will switch to 1.8 as soon as we can make sure that we can offer a somewhat stable server, so we don't have to risk any losses or client crashes. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience.

New Market!

Sirabell AdminWin+ posted Jul 12, 14  -  EconomyMarketMinecraftShoppingShopsWinthier

New Market

The Winthier market has always been a popular gathering point for players to run shops, buy and sell goods, and socialize. Today, we feel it is time that the market got an upgrade. Exactly one week from now, we will be launching an exciting a new market in a completely separate world! This area will be more spread out and have much more room for not only the shops we have now, but shops that may be constructed in the future. With much more room and space in between each shop as well as a separate world, we will be able to considerably decrease the amount of lag many of our players have been experiencing around shops, as well as ensure that each shop is given its fair amount of exposure to its customers.

Some of you may be wondering, "But what happens to my current shop?”. Fear not! We will be moving shops into this new market upon request. If you would like your shop moved into the new market, you will need to claim a plot there once it is launched, and then post in a dedicated thread letting us know where your shop should be moved. Your items and valuables will be copied as well, so nothing will be lost as long as you have only built within the wool borders, anything else will remain for you to gather yourself. Remember that you will need to be Exalted or higher to claim a plot.

This new market will open its gates on July 19th, at 10PM Server Time. To see how much time is left, check the countdown clock on the website. 
  • All plots will be the same size as our current standard square plots, which are 13x13.
  • All items and money will be able to go back and forth freely between worlds.
  • Once this world is open, you will be able to type /market to get there.
  • There will be no more evictions in the current market unless rules are clearly broken. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

shadowmasterfizz no lag yyyeeesss
boolprop42 How will '/shop search' work now? How will customers travel between the two and tell the difference between the two worl ...
MenoMano Win+ Currently I'm Honored, may I have a plot at the new market please? c:

Bunnies -

StarTux AdminWin+
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Jul 2, 14
The snapshot server has been updated to 14w27b, which brings the new passive mob: Bunnies! Load up the snapshot and join now. We generated a whole new world for you, complete with bunnies..


GutDev -MagikLol- Minecraft adding rabbits, With all the cuteness aside there are alot of better features they could be adding instead of ...
WallyBean Do they drop rabbit meat? Can you breed them with carrots? Can we have giant rabbits that attack us in the night? The ...
xXNjordXx Win+ Oy Tux, its not 14w26b. Its 14w27b
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