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Winnilla 1.8 Reboot

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Nov 4, 14
Minecraft 1.8 has been out for a while, and like many servers out there, the long wait for a feature-complete version of 1.8 with plugin support has kept us from updating. After doing a lot of research and preparation, we are happy to announce that we are ready to update our Winnilla server to Minecraft 1.8.



Winnilla offers a vanilla Minecraft experience with additional protection against griefers and cheaters. It is that last part which is particularly important to us, as we don't see it realistically possible to run Minecraft unprotected without having the fun ruined by griefers and cheaters. To make any of this possible, we were finally able to amend a 1.8 server with all the protection we consider necessary and take for granted to enjoy a decent Minecraft environment.


Since Minecraft 1.8 brings many new features we would have to miss out on in an old world, this step will reset the Winnilla server. As usual, the current world will be moved to our classic server, where it will remain accessible. Everyone on the new Winnilla server will start out with an empty inventory in a brand new, randomly generated world. Thanks to the additional protection, as opposed to the temporary server which we have been running (on, this world is here to stay.

Back to the roots

You have given us a lot of useful, constructive feedback since we launched the latest iteration of the Winnilla server concept, and we listened. With this step, half by necessity and half by design, we bring you a vanilla experience purer than ever seen before on Winthier. Gone are the skills and the market. All we change about the game are claims with which you can protect your land, and some logging for us to see who is a griefer and needs to be banned. As usual, you can enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience in the absence of convenient features such as homes, teleports or custom recipes.

When? Where? Wat?

  • We will reset Winnilla this Friday, November 7 at 10pm server time, which is 4pm EST or 1pm PST.
  • Due to the version difference, Winnilla will be disconnected from the Hub until all the other servers can update, and be accessible as usual with the port
  • Once again, this will be a permanent server and is not to be confused with the temporary 1.8 server.

We look forward to the opportunities this new server will bring with it, and look forward to seeing you all at the launch!

Halloween Event 2014

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Oct 24, 14
One of the conquerors of the Nether, the Pumpkin King, is at it again. This time, instead of trying to invade the overworld with his minions, he is sending a diplomatic message of peace and fair competition. He has organized a tournament in his own version of the Mob Arena. To allow people to participate, he delegated two of his emissaries to the spawn of Winthier.

Emissaries at spawn

Talk with the Arena Master on the right to enter the Mob Arena, or use the usual command "/ma join". For this event, each boss will drop valuable battle tokens. There are three different qualities: Minor, Major and Royal. They drop from bossses at different stages of MobArena. Once you have your tokens, you can exchange them for awesome prizes by talking to the Arena Master on the left.

The Pumpkin King

So come and join MobArena with your friends so you can collect battle tokens to exchange them for otherwise unavailable in-game items. Rare horses and even Win+ can be purchased. The farther you make it, the higher quality tokens the bosses will drop, so teaming up pays off in any case.

Minecraft 1.8 - Don't update just yet

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Sep 2, 14


Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update was just released. While we will try our hardest to update as soon as possible, we will have to ask you to stick with version 1.7 for the time being. If you don't know how, here are useful instructions.

For all of you who can't wait, we have a temporary 1.8 vanilla server running on Feel free to join and try out all the new features, such as bunnies, flags and water temples.

Winthier will switch to 1.8 as soon as we can make sure that we can offer a somewhat stable server, so we don't have to risk any losses or client crashes. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience.