From Infinity.... To Beyond!

RypoFalem Admin posted Mar 18, 17  -  BeyondFTBModpack

Today we announce Winthier's next modpack: FTB Beyond. Beyond is a kitchen sink style pack with very many new and old mods from 1.10. Most of us are familiar enough with FTB kitchen sink packs at this point to understand what that entails.

Njord I gave the pack a chance and tbh i hope its gone soon. All Kitchen sink modpacks play the same imho
Killergames1 Admin My game kept crashing during the mod initialization screen when it tried to load RF Tools. This nvidia hotfix worked fo...

Treehouse - Build Event

StarTux Admin
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Mar 11, 17


Today and all week until Thursday, we will be building the Treehouse Challenge from the Minecraft Reddit, and everyone is welcome to join in. Over the past contests, we have won many times, and hope to continue this trend.

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Race Track - Build 38

StarTux Admin
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Feb 25, 17

Today, on event Saturday, we are once again participating in the Minecraft Reddit Build Challenge! This week's theme is Race Track, and we already prepared a unique world for you.

As always, we try to go for hard mode:

Easy mode Make a racetrack for boats or horses. No ovals or circles are allowed.

Hard mode Add all the normal things to your racetrack: Stands, podium, pitlane and a food and drink stand. Again, no oval or circle track.

Also remember one very important rule:

No preexisting builds We're going with the honour system here but if anything had already been built before the start of the contest, don't submit it.

The contest will go on all week until Thursday. Have a lot of fun, we hope to see you all on the creative server!

Valentine - Romantic Vistas

StarTux Admin
StarTux @ Winthier
posted Feb 14, 17

Romantic Vistas

Happy Valentime, everybody! This year, we have a special event prepared for you, with a very rare title to win. Romantic vistas will spawn in the Resource world. Get there with the /Resource command. Follow your compass to locate the vista. The first person to punch a vista will earn the Cupid title. Beyond that, you may also harvest the site for its blocks, and each vista comes with a few treasure chests waiting to be looted! 5 minutes after its discovery, a vista will go poof, and a new one will spawn in a new location. This event will go on all day, so you have plenty of opportunity to be the first and get this desired title. Happy hunting!

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