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New Celestial member: boolprop42

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Apr 24, 15


I am happy to announce that we just promoted another one of our long-term players to Celestial: boolprop42. About one and a half months ago, boolprop posted her finished build on the forums, after which it went through the tribunal voting process. The polls are closed and bool has been promoted to Celestial.

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Easter Event 2015

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Mar 31, 15

Easter Event

Easter is right around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate it than a great Easter egg hunt. Starting now until one week after Easter, you will be able to search for Easter presents on Winthier. Talk to the Easter Bunny at spawn, listen to its sad story and receive one magical Easter egg. You can throw this egg and it will guide you to your hidden Easter basket. Keep collecting them and return them to the Easter Bunny for awesome prizes.

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Name Changes and You

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Mar 20, 15

Name Changes

It has been more than a month since changing your in game name became possible via Mojang. Said name changes caused some issues with some of our player data which relied on persistent usernames, and we have been hard at work to fix all of these problems, one by one. Property loss needed to be dealt with as it happened, and the underlying problem tackled so it wouldn't happen in the future. Several of our oldest plugins needed to be updated or even rewritten from scratch. Our efforts succeeded and for a couple of weeks it has been safe to change your name without losing any data, so now it is time to discuss the changes in this post.

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