Xisuminati Confirmed

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Nov 20, 15


You voted and now it's there: Winthier is now running Xisuminati instead of the previous Regrowth FTB server. Like before, the server is available to everyone with the rank Astral or higher, the Win+ premium rank, or the FTB pass from the shop. This mod pack runs on the ATLauncher rather than FTB, so get it from Once started, you can load the Xisuminati pack with a few simple steps, and then connect to our server, which is online right now on the following port.

If you are not familiar with the ATLauncher, here is a quick rundown of the installation steps necessary to play Xisuminati.

  • Download, install and start the ATLauncher from
  • In the Accounts tab, enter your profile information and click Add.
  • In the Packs tab, find find the Xisuminati mod pack, and click New Instance.
  • In the Instances tab under Xisuminati, click Play.
  • Connect to

You need to be Astral (or higher) or Win+ to connect to this server. Being banned from the main server also bans you on the Xisuminati server.

Xisuminati is a light mod pack, even more so than Regrowth was, that focuses on only a few gameplay additions, especially the Aether. We believe that this is a good choice because it offers  a well balanced enhancement of the Minecraft gameplay with carefully selected modded blocks, items and mobs. Another advantage is that this pack, as opposed to the bigger ones with dozens of mods installed, will also run on older computers, so more people can enjoy it.

This server will stay online just like any other, at your disposal 24 hours a day. Right where you spawn in, there is a safe spawn area set up for you, together with a warp pad that gives you a starter kit and teleports you to a random location on the map, which is currently 4000 blocks wide. You can get back to where you started using the /spawn command. Beyond that, it's the pure Xisuminati mod pack. There is also a live map which we encourage you to check out. We hope everyone enjoys this new mod pack. Let us know in the comments how you like this server and if anything is missing or not working properly.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys on the Xisuminati server. 

ElectricSparx Win+ Is this pack light on the complicated mods? Because I don't particularly enjoy mods which take a lot of head-wrapping to ...
pieinyoureye <Insert x-files music here >
Njord I took a look at it in single player and to be honest ... I hope that modpack is only up for 3 or 4 months There is not ...

Sunset farms Adventure

Killergames1 Admin posted Oct 29, 15

'Twas a lazy autumn evening at Sunset Farms. The animals had all settled in for the night as the sun bowed out to the moon. A warm, crisp gentle air whistled through the numerous wheat stalks that covered the land, and the many pumpkins that dotted the countryside glowed a dull orange in the fading light.

Sunset Farms Adventure

However, the local farmers noticed a disturbance coming from the eery mansion on the hill. A dark cloud began to loom overhead and the once calm wind turned into a chilling torrent. Shadows began to linger around the edges of this once quiet farm and the fears of men began to slowly shamble towards the terrified farmers. Would they survive long enough to solve this mystery? There is only one way to find out...

To participate in Winthier's very first epic Halloween Adventure, check with the Adventure NPC at spawn or select it from the maps list via /Adv.


Minor Token: Horde pumpkins

Major Token: Vanquish the frightening evil at the end of the adventure

Royal token: Master the adventure by collecting 100 pumpkins and defeating the boss

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Kitsune_Aki A bit frustrating when you die shortly before the end with more than 100 pumpkins because you didn't got enough healing ...

Haunted House - Build Together 15

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Oct 17, 15

Haunted House

The theme of this week's Build Together event is Haunted House. We will build something spooky together on the creative server. As usual, the commands to get there are /server creative, then /build. The commands will be accessible once the event starts. Listen to some appropriate music, read the relevant thread, and join us in half an hour. We are looking forward to build with you guys.

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Fall Festival

dms06dotte Mod posted Oct 10, 15

The Fall Festival has begun!

Kicking off the festival will be two events, the spawn Pumpkin Hunt and the Build Together event.  Watch for more upcoming festival events!!

Pumpkin Hunt Today at 21:00 Server Time!

Help us find all of the lost pumpkins scattered around spawn.  Inside the pumpkins are unique tokens which you will find to be very valuable in the near future!

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Community Build #14 Today at 22:00 Server Time!

Today we will be hosting our 14th community build event!  As always everybody is invited, and you don't have to worry about joining a little late, catching up is easy to do in this event!

Also, we invite you to join us in TeamSpeak if you can!

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