Better Link Portals

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Jan 24, 16

Better Link Portals

Remember Link Portals? They were originally introduced when the Parallel world was added for the Minecraft 1.7 update, so people could connect their bases in the two different worlds. The feature was limited to two portals per player: One in the Extreme world, one in the Parallel world. This utility has by now largely lost its appeal, and we just added another survival world: Blocky. Therefore, we decided to make the whole link portal system more general, and much more useful.

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The End of the Iron Age

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Jan 15, 16

The End of the Iron Age

Starting February 1st, iron can no longer be turned into Kitty Coins.

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Christmas Adventure 2015

Killergames1 Admin posted Dec 26, 15

After a couple weeks work and several delays, the christmas adventure map for 2015 is finally finished! I hope you all have fun with it, enjoy ~

To participate in the 2015 Christmas Adventure, check with the Adventure NPC at spawn or select it from the maps list via /Adv.

Present hunting around spawn will last until the end of december and the event as a whole will likely last just as long. Don't forget that you can also earn presents for winning our many different minigames! Also, try out some of the holiday themed minigame maps for some chilly fun. The XMas shop at spawn will remain open for a week or two after the event ends so that you'll be able to spend all of the presents you've gathered.

CheeseDoctor Welp... I had 129 points and was in the Christmas village before going behind a house, going to the other side, and fall...
RypoFalem Admin
RypoFalem @ Winthier Creative
Just completed it, great job killer ten and blackout
Black0ut1 ModWin+WIKI What's this? I can't believe my eyes I must be dreaming wake up, Black, this isn't fair!

Winthier Holiday Event

Killergames1 Admin posted Dec 13, 15

As the fiery colored autumn leaves gently fall to the ground a chilly breeze begins to stir from the north, it is time once again to repeat the never ending cycle.


Winter is coming mumbles an old man through pipe smoke. He stares off into the distance, watching the humble townsfolk bustle about in preparation of the coming winter. The sound of an axe slices through the air and gives off a resounding thud as a pile of firewood builds at the lumberman's feet. Spools of yarn run dry and knitted sweaters begin to pop up on the children that run to and fro. Shelves are stocked to the brim in preparation of the coming thick blanket of immobilizing snow. A ring of smoke slowly drifts by as the man adjust his jacket, Winter is coming.

The Winthier Holiday event has begun. If you haven't noticed, Santa has been spotted at spawn and has begun running preparation flights for the coming holidays. However, unbeknownst to Claus, the merry sleigh has been littering Winthier with presents. Help us to retrieve these presents for Santa starting Monday, 14 December. Found presents can be returned to the snowman at spawn and you might just get something nice in return :-)

grim5000 the lift sign under the sleigh doesnt work, so i can't get the present that is in all likelyhood up there.
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