Survival Games Event

StarTux AdminWin+ posted 8 hours ago  -  EventSurvival Games

Survival Games

A couple of weeks have passed since we held the great Survival Games opening event where we had games with up to 20 people at once, while more were lining up to try this awesome new minigame, on the marvelous map prepared by our staff team. Since then, the game was constantly improved. Bugs were fixed, gameplay mechanics such as chest restocking and timings were balanced, and the whole game received some major polish, from sound effects over particle systems to fireworks. Therefore, we believe it is about time that we dedicate yet another one of our regular Friday events to this game. Therefore, we will have a Survival Games event tomorrow, at 22:00 server time, which is 4pm US East and 1pm West coast.

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Creative Community Build Event 8

dms06dotte ModWin+ posted Sat at 21:37

Creative Community Build #8 Today at 22:00 Server Time!

Today will be our first creative community build event!  As always everybody is invited, and you don't have to worry about joining a little late, catching up is easy to do in this event!

Also, we invite you to join us in TeamSpeak if you can!

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Pig Race

StarTux AdminWin+ posted Fri at 13:31  -  EventPig RaceWinthier

Pig Race

Some of you may still remember the weekly pig races we used to have on Winnilla Season 1. Now, we are bringing them back to Winthier, and better than ever before.

This evening, we will host a series of races on Winthier's spawn race track, and everyone on the server is invited. So if you are in the mood for some racing, join us today. The event will start at 22:00 server time, which is 4pm US East Coast and 1pm West Cost. See the sidebar on the website or in game for a countdown.

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feydk AdminWin+ posted Aug 23, 15

We are happy to announce the latest addition to our range of minigames; Colorfall

Colorfall is a fun, round-based party game. It's more casual and laid back than our other games, so this is a game for everyone.

You are all invited to join the launch event
THIS SUNDAY the 23rd at 22:00 PM server time
You can use this link to see what time it is in your time zone.

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