Server Maintenance.

StarTux Admin posted Tue at 20:11

Server Maintenance will start momentarily. All servers will become unavailable and will remain so until later today. We will notify once they are back. Thank you for your patience.

Minecraft servers are back online. Connect via the usual default IP:

ChocolateTeddy Trusted Thank You Star!

Maypole Event

StarTux Admin posted Apr 28, 18


The Maypole weekend event is now live! More information is, as always, on our Discord, and of course, on the server.

_Spiritus Was very fun and was an exciting new format for server events! The minimap as a menu is such a cool idea!

Maypole Event

StarTux Admin posted Apr 22, 18


Clear your calendars for the Maypole event! Also hold your Mini Map in the main hand and right-click for a snazzy new feature. Find additional information on our Discord:


StarTux Admin posted Apr 12, 18


ChocolateTeddy Trusted Aww, he or she looks young and full of life!
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Edvard @ winthier